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Welcome to our JEA International Web Site!

Julia Edmunds International seeking qualified caring Medical Professionals from around the world to work in the USA for our Clients


Julia Edmunds Associates International has nearly two decades of experience bringing educated, qualified, trained, and tested healthcare professionals to the USA. Since 1989 JEA has scoured the world for these exceptional medical professionals.

JEA searches for medical care workers in nursing, physical therapy (physiotherapy), occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, as  well as other allied healthcare profesionals.

JEA International checks the educational background of every candidate, as we prepare them for testing, to assure that they will be a good fit with our system here in the USA. We will research the eligibility of the candidate for an EB3 (Green Card) or an H1B (work) Visa. We also work with Canadian and Australian citizens. These Visas will be assessed according to U.S. laws and policies governing a particular profession when they are ready for immigration.

JEA International understands the complex nature of recruiting internationally. With nearly two decades of experience in we are able to match the needs of our clients to the skills and professional needs of the employee. We are totally committed to providing long term support to our employers that is essential to making the process a success.

JEA International assures every candidate that they will be placed before they enter the USA and their employers as well as JEA will work to see that they have the greatest opportunity for success in their new environment.

Attention the intricacies of International recruiting with full attention to detail, support, and a prompt response are the hallmark of our international recruiting.

Please contact us for more information and to join our mailing list. We look forward to working with you.

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